Prison with Songbirds
NL / UK | Documentary & Fiction | 12' | Digital & 35mm | 1.66:1

My father recounts his experience of wrongful imprisonment in an unnamed country, and his random release.  Based on a nightmarish letter he sent Amnesty International, and a surreal interview with him regarding freedom and coincidence. 

Voice & Stories: Jonathan Mitchell
Production: Salvador Miranda
35mm Animation: Ugo Petronin
Cinematography: Christiaan van Leeuwen & Abel van Dijk
Editing: Lotte Louise de Jong & Ewan Macbeth
Sound Design: Filip Degernäs
Set Dresser: Ella Gerritssen
Art Departement: Marcus van Binsbergen, Dido Woelders & Nick Mansveld
Lighting Design: Stefan Prokop
Best Boy & Titles: Andreas Drosdz
Set Builder: Leo Postma
Grading: Boje Ploeg
Supported by: Mondriaan Fonds, Amarte Fonds, CBK & Droom en Daad
Distribution: EYE Filmmuseum / SEE NL 

I Declare a Thumb War (2020)
NL / UK |2K Video | 5’ | looped | 1.43:1 

In a therapy session a traumatised veteran dwells on a boy from his past. Based on absurd propaganda photographs of soldiers playing “thumb war” with children in countries they invaded. 

Main Cast: Leo Postma & Rayan Maulabaks
Cinematography: Christiaan van Leeuwen & Andreas Drosdz
Production Design: Marcus van Binsbergen
Sound Design: Filip Degernäs
Titles: Stefanie Vogl
Grading: Laurent Fluttert
Supported by: Creative Scotland, Mondriaan Fonds & The Piet Zwart Institute 

Screenings / Exhibitions
2022, ARWE, Gouda 
2021, 2YKFF, Izmir
2021, Kinolikbez, Saint-Petersburg
2021, Nederlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam
2021, Art Rotterdam, Netherlands
2020, Videotheek, Galerie de Jaloezie, Rotterdam
2020, Vrij Paleis, Amsterdam
2020, EMAF, Osnabrück

Divided Together
NL | HD video | 4’ | looped | 1.66:1 

A politician seamlessly shifts from a leering chat with a make-up artist, into a speech for a newly-invaded country.  Based on the behaviour and lies of coalition leaders at the start of the so-called “War on Terror”. 

Cast: Jeremiah Fleming & Gill Baldwin 
Writers: Ewan Macbeth & Tom Roberts
Camera: Zhibin Qin
Editing: Lotte Louise de Jong
Sound Design: Salvador Miranda
Titles: Andreas Drosdz 
Grading: Laurent Fluttert
Supported by EYE Filmmuseum Research Labs, 2018

Screening / Exhibitions
2020, Art Rotterdam
2019, Faraway Lands, Caraboo Projects, Bristol
2019, Miasma, NeverLand Cinema, Rotterdam
2018, Research Labs, EYE Filmmuseum, Amsterdam

Mass Production (2016)
UK | HD video | 4-channels | 15’ | looped

Inside a Rupert Murdoch owned printing press; the largest of its kind in Europe. A private glimpse of the News Corp empire as 60,000 newspapers are created. 

Cinematography: Jack McCombe
Sound Design: Filip Degernäs
Grading: Laurent Fluttert
Selected for the RSA New Contemporaries  

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